Being an intern at Screen Northants

With the help of the University of Northampton C4EE and Unitemps, I got an internship through the Santander Universities SME Internships Scheme. Santander offers 2,000 internships in SME across the UK in order to promote SME that are key to economic recovery and contribute significantly to UK employment.


Generally, when thinking of the word « intern » people picture a slave 2.0 bringing coffees and sitting next to the printer all day.

Well, at Screen Northants, I’m being given drinks. I never printed anything and I am always given tasks that allow me to understand more of the Enterprise and the industry and improve my knowledge. From editing the website to answering emails and running Social Media.

Screen Northants is interesting for its purpose but also for what it has accomplished as a non-profit. It aims to help the community whilst creating interesting content and useful tools for people within Northamptonshire.

As a media student, I am surprised the University didn’t push us more to get in contact with Screen Northants for our media projects in terms of location and volunteering of cast and crew!

There is so much potential for young people within the media industry to benefit from what Screen Northants offers.

In term of business, SMEs are the pillar of the economy and seeing how a SME – – that is a Social Entreprise too – works is extremely gripping for an entrepreneurship student.

I am looking forward to be on the set of Fortune Cookies this summer. I will be able to get a real experience of a set of a feature film.

I think work experience and internships are a must for young people today. We are asked to do more and more and get involved and have proven ourselves by the age of twenty. It would be hardly impossible without enterprises like Screen Northants!





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