A Rushmere Academy student’s experience with Screen Northants

Over the last few months, Screen Northants has run a number of projects with Rushmere Academy, an alternative education provider for young people no longer in mainstream education. One girl worked on a project with us and is now using her summer holidays to volunteer with us – here’s what she has to say!

“This is something that you don’t normally do, you wouldn’t get this kind of opportunity at school or anything like it. I was unsure about the opportunity because I thought it would be quite difficult and thought that it may be too hard, although I was happy that I had been given this great opportunity to learn new things.


When I first arrived at Screen Northants it looked different than I imagined. I thought there would be more cameras and stuff around but it was more of an office with desks and big lights and some cameras obviously. I most enjoyed the 2 days of filming we did last month for a music video by Screen Northants because it was a lot more hands on, I met a lot of new people and a famous director. I found out a lot about Northampton that I didn’t know, I never realised that a lot of famous films where partly filmed in Northampton. I didn’t realise Northampton even was involved in the film industry. Now I am getting more involved with Screen Northants and I am now taking part in some work experience with them, I think this is good because you can learn a lot.”


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