Job vacancies at Screen Northants

Various paid roles in social enterprise film company Screen Northants

Screen Northants is a social enterprise film company consisting of 4 strands: Community (using the film industry to benefit Northants, its disadvantaged groups and young people), Films (producing a feature each year from 2017 in the county), Agency (promoting Northants to the film industry through things like our Film Location Database) and Academy (industry work experience for 14-25yrs).

Screen Northants has a passion for Film, for increasing exposure to the workings of the real film industry and for Northamptonshire, which has genuine potential to be one of the best hubs for the Creative Industries in the UK. We also have seen the impact that the teamwork, comradery, creative expression and organisation involved in Film can have on young people, particularly those considered disadvantaged. Everyone should be able to feel proud of their home county, be able to reach their full potential and be able to enter the Creative Industries if they want to.

We are looking for people who are motivated, confident self-starters, enthusiastic about the potential of Northants, with good film, planning and communication skills, who also like the social impact of our work. We can be flexible regarding hours and commitment for the right people. We are looking to make long term partnerships. We are an Equal Opportunities employer and have a robust Child Protection policy which requires references being taken and a DBS check (which we organise and pay for).

Applicants do not necessarily need experience working with young people but must be confident to work with young people 10yrs+ with varying abilities and needs. Training on leading workshops will be provided where required and our supervision can be provided in workshops until you’re ready. The environment we try to create for the young people is one of work: they contribute to the work that Screen Northants already does, so we do not require people to be teachers or social workers. We partner with organisations that have expertise in these fields.


Film Industry Workshop Leader

A film professional who can produce, shoot and edit to work with small groups of young people to contribute to our Film Location Database (photographs of potential film locations in Northants) and produce short films about local stories inspired by the locations you visit (from history, local heroes and quirky tales to News, things to celebrate and Northants culture). We plan to run workshops across Northants – to date most have been in Northampton, where we are based, but have had interest from Corby and Wellingborough recently that we’d like to pursue, therefore own transport would be beneficial but not essential. We can be flexible for the right person – if you can only cover one area, that is possible, and we can be flexible on hours – from 4-8 hours per week of workshops or prep in one area to up to 28 hours per week. There is also the opportunity to combine this role with one of our other available roles which could increase this to a full time short contract. Paid at £7.50 per hour including prep time. We know this is low for skilled professionals but these projects are starting to get recognition and we expect more money to be made available for delivery as they grow. Filming equipment provided. The applicant must have access to a computer for editing.

Filmmaker to produce short drama films with disadvantaged young people

A film professional ideally with some experience of working with young people or in challenging circumstances. We have a number of drama short film projects in the pipeline working with other film professionals and disadvantaged groups of young people, particularly with those at risk of exclusion or already excluded from mainstream education, those Not In Education, Employment or Training, in areas rated as Highly Deprived and Autistic young people. Our emphasis is on bringing these young people into positions of responsibility on drama films we’re producing to build their soft skills. Therefore we’re looking for someone with industry experience, a good work ethic, a passion for bringing out the best in people (and sensitivity to complex situations our young people may find themselves in) and excellent communication skills, above experience teaching in a formal environment or with a social work qualifications for example (although I’m sure these skills would be beneficial). We are looking for someone who can collaborate with the young people but also take on a very strong leadership role. Paid at £7.50 per hour including prep time (possibly negotiable dependent on experience, own equipment, etc). We know this is low for skilled professionals but these projects are starting to get recognition and we expect more money to be made available for delivery as they grow. Basic filming equipment provided. The applicant must have access to a computer for editing. Currently these projects are one to two days per week during office hours, but this may increase to more days. This role can be combined with others we have available.

All-rounder film manager/shooter

We are approached almost daily about producing short form film work for a variety of purposes including documenting community projects, producing marketing materials for Northants locations or events, and teasers or shorts connected with our own feature films. We are looking for someone who can take the organisation, filming and editing of those productions off our hands! Because we’re a social enterprise there’s always a social element to our work, whether that’s working with young people, consulting community members or collaborating with other local groups, so we’re looking for someone with strong interpersonal, communication and production manager/producer skills, who can also deliver projects in varying genres. All of our projects are creative but some more so than others and we’d like someone who can come up with imaginative options when faced with a brief as well as understanding the importance of the message, audience and format. You would be engaged on a freelance basis as projects arise and can be flexible around other work – generally there is always something going on, although budgets vary.


In the first instance, please send a covering letter with your CV. Please give us as much information as possible about your experience – links to work, if you have any, would be great – and your interest in the role. Questions welcomed. or 07930 646721 or Screen Northants, 35 Princes Walk, Grosvenor Centre, Northampton, NN1 2EL.


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