We’re looking for a feature film Director

We’re looking for a Director for our first feature film. Could it be you?

Screen Northants is a social enterprise film company which, through producing features, also provides opportunities for young and disadvantaged people to experience Film in Northamptonshire, as well as encouraging more outside film production in the county and building community cohesion through film projects. We think our work can make the film industry more representative of the real world, which in turn makes our work more interesting. We use film production as a way to engage and inspire young people and the people of Northamptonshire. Our past work has been supported by the Lottery, BBC Children in Need among others.

We are producing our first feature this summer and are looking for a Director. This is going to be a no/low budget film. We are going to be shooting one of the English GCSE curriculum texts – but set in a contemporary or non-naturalistic setting so that we can work with a predominantly young cast – using mainly local crew, some professional actors and some local young actors, and working with the local University, colleges and schools to offer young people access to the production of a feature film, working under professionals, in their summer holidays.

We’ve primarily been considering one of the Shakespeare plays (our current favourite is Macbeth but potentially there’s also Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado, Tempest, Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar) but there are other non-plays, which we might consider with the right director with quick access to a writer/script (A Christmas Carol, Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, Of Mice and Men, and Silas Marner).

We want to produce a feature that can be used as a unique, engaging, accessible, relatable resource for young people to learn about the text, but is also an innovative feature in its own right. If working with young people, social enterprise and thinking about the industry a bit differently, workshopping the script extensively with completely new actors alongside professionals, and shooting somewhere other than London is your thing we’d love to talk to you. We’re looking for someone with some experience of shooting drama, but can be shorts to date. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Northants but being only an hour north of London and hour south of Birmingham it’s easy reach to most places and has an amazing array of locations and talent. It’ll be the most pleasant feature you’ve ever shot!

You can our most recent project done with very little budget here and see the rest of the YouTube channel for behind the scenes videos and examples of children-led productions:

Teaser for another feature, musical Veto’d: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03Qh7cSS550

We’d shoot for 4-6 weeks over the school summer holidays in Northampton, with some flexibility to be able to release people for a 2 day commercial etc, with whatever budget we can muster – it may be none or it may be ultra low! We’d aim to pay National Minimum Wage. We would require you to have a DBS (was CRB) check which we would pay for.

We’re currently discussing distribution with large cinema chains directly, using the fact it is an unusually-made film and an educational resource to our full advantage.

As a non-profit we can engage people as volunteers, have worked with vulnerable young people to make a real difference to their lives, and have a great track record in working with sponsors and suppliers to make little budget go a long way. We are an Equal Opportunities employer and care deeply about making sure everyone has the opportunity to work in Film. We are particularly keen to help those under-represented in Film make an application so please contact us if you have any questions or need further support. Someone local would be great but we’re open to applications from anywhere in the UK (although currently we don’t have an accommodation budget!).

To apply please email us at info@screennorthants.co.uk a CV/details of your work especially if you have some experience working with young people (non-essential) and an example of a short or feature film you’ve directed. We plan to interview people in the very near future to start part time, flexible Pre-Production in the coming month or so.


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