Be in our Macbeth feature film trailer!

Screen Northants are shooting a teaser trailer for their feature film – a modern day Macbeth – and need as many people to come down to be in it as possible. We want to show off our ambition for the feature film – and we’ve had lots of calls to open up opportunities to all ages so here it is! We are filming on Thursday 18th May in Northampton – no longer than 6pm-10pm and hopefully shorter. As with the feature film, we’ll have a professional crew there including our director Daryl Chase.

Anyone is welcome (young, old, with limited mobility, all ethnicities etc). You can be nearer the front if you are interested in acting, or at the back if not. We need people in dark clothing/hoodies to come ‘hang out’ in Duncan’s kingdom (in this case, a housing estate in Northampton!). We want a diverse range of people on the day.

If you come along we’ll make sure you are definitely offered at least an extra role in the film itself (make sure we get your email!) which shoots this summer in Northants. You can read more about our feature, part-funded by BBC Children in Need, in earlier blog posts. We’ll have more auditions to be a main role in the film soon too so the teaser would be a great way to come and say hi!

Please register your interest on our Facebook event page ideally or email and please tell your friends!


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