Macbeth auditions now open to 14-30yrs

More auditions announced for Screen Northants’ modern day Macbeth shooting summer 2017 in Northamptonshire

Screen Northants is holding further auditions in Northampton and Wellingborough for the lead and supporting roles in its modern day, urban adaptation of Macbeth, shooting over the school summer holidays.

To give you a little flavour of the production, here is our behind the scenes film from our teaser trailer. The teaser will be out imminently

Auditions are open to those who are 14-30yrs, all ethnicities, genders etc. The setting of our modern Macbeth is on two rival estates in Northamptonshire, using the original Shakespearian text. This isn’t a “British gang film” – it is about young people’s power struggles and Macbeth’s personal battles – yes there are murders, but there are no guns, drugs, etc. and the situation is a somewhat heightened reality. We welcome people who feel they would suit these roles. Of course we love Northants people applying but it is open to any area of the UK. If you are outside our age range, please keep an eye on for other opportunities.

Please send us a recent/accurate photograph of yourself as well as details of any acting you’ve done before (a showreel or video of yourself would also be great) and we will notify you if we’d like you to audition for us. Please note, if you have already auditioned you do not need to audition again.

The film’s Director is Daryl Chase who’s work as a Film Director for Burberry has seen him direct numerous commercials, music videos, documentaries and high profile campaigns featuring the likes of Romeo Beckham, James Corden and Julie Walters among others. He has directed 3 short films including The Thinker which won the Audience Award at the East End Film Festival. A keen eye for imagery, he has also worked as a Director of Photography across various outputs including feature docs like the MOJO-award-winning UpSide Down: The Creation Records Story and music documentaries for the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Jake Bugg.

There are various speaking roles available in Macbeth, which require different levels of commitment over the summer break. We will film 5 days a week for 5 weeks, and roles like Macbeth are likely to be needed on most shoot days, whereas the Witches may be odd days across the 5 weeks.

We do not require you to have any acting experience. You may not have done any acting ever before. The only requirements are a commitment to the dates once offered/confirmed. Even if you are not successful for lead/support roles, we will have other Extra roles available. We can work with new actors to develop your skills. And we encourage everyone who might be interested to get in touch – we particularly want to encourage groups that are currently under-represented in Film such as those with disabilities.

For the audition you’ll be required to memorise the piece below to perform. If you are under 18yrs you’ll need parental/guardian permission to attend (we don’t need anything in writing) and if you were offered a part, we’d need your parent/guardian to sign an agreement. The film will be distributed in cinemas and online like any other feature film.

Here is the soliloquy to perform for the audition:

Two truths are told,

As happy prologues to the swelling act

Of the imperial theme.

This supernatural soliciting

Cannot be ill; cannot be good. If ill,

Why hath it given me earnest of success,

Commencing in a truth? I am thane of Cawdor.

If good, why do I yield to that suggestion

Whose horrid image doth unfix my hair,

And make my seated heart knock at my ribs,

Against the use of nature? Present fears

Are less than horrible imaginings.

My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical,

Shakes so my single state of man

That function is smother’d in surmise,

And nothing is, but what is not.

We are looking for you to learn the soliloquy above off by heart for the audition – we aren’t concerned if you have no acting experience – we can work with you on that – but we do need to know you can learn lines. There may be extras roles advertised at a later date that don’t require line-learning – keep an eye on Screen Northants Facebook or Twitter @ScreenNorthants.

Our auditions are Thursday 1st June in Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Friday 2nd June in the Swansgate Centre Wellingborough and Saturday 3rd in Grosvenor Centre Northampton 10am – 6pm.  Let us know what times on what day/s you are available (the more you can offer, the better) and then we’ll reply with a specific time, if we’d like to have you come in for an audition. The slots will only be about 10 minutes long as we’ll do call backs for our short list. Please email with your availability.

Or you can call in with it to Screen Northants, 35 Princes Walk (upstairs), Grosvenor Centre, Northampton, NN1 2EL (please check we are open before traveling but generally we’re here 10am – 5pm Mon – Fri). If you cannot attend any of these audition times but are interested, please still get in touch.

Screenshot 2017-04-19 10.50.25


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