Production Manager needed for Macbeth

Screen Northants are looking for a Production Manager for our feature film shooting this summer – a modern day, urban Macbeth with Director Daryl Chase (credits include many Burberry films and campaigns, and award-winning short film The Thinker).
To give you a flavour of our Macbeth here’s a teaser we shot recently:
Screen Northants is unique in that we produce films but we do so in a non-profit, socially responsible way – we have BBC Children in Need funding to support the feature, where a fully professional crew will also provide real world work experience opportunities to young people wanting to enter the Film Industry and disadvantaged children. Think of us a bit like a teaching hospital: we do our job, and no one should see the difference in the finished product, but we make sure our work has a lasting impact on both improving the diversity and quality of our industry, and the lives of young people.
Our Macbeth is set in a dystopian estate on the fringes of society, under the rule of Duncan where Macbeth has lived through countless feuds, protecting his own ‘castle’ against attack for as long as he would like to remember. During his return journey from one such battle, a malevolent force entices him with the promise of a future as ‘king’, replacing Duncan. Escaping his current life would be the first choice but this opportunity is one he cannot ignore, offering the chance to prove his worth to the love of his life, Lady Macbeth.
Far from being a youth/gang cliché film, this is a deeper, darker tale of politics, desire, ambition, corruption, ego and obsession. As the world closes physically and mentally around Macbeth the sense of real and surreal hangs dangerously in the balance.
Maintaining the original Shakespeare text but burying it deep in a real and modern world, the film will take the same ethos visually. Offering beautifully drab surroundings that twist reality just enough to pose questions of what is known and unknown, Macbeth succumbs to the mental fatigue of his actions, accepting his eventual fate at the hands forged by a force greater than himself.
We will be filming in Northants (1hr north of M25) from the last week of July/first week of August for 4-5 weeks. We also have another (better paid!) job coming up straight after this – a 30 min drama for British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust. And we have other Children in Need films after that too, for the next 3 years.
This film is ultra low budget – but because we’re a charitable organisation and lots of people like to support us, it does go far. The rate of pay depends on experience, whether you want to work remotely in Pre-Production, whether you would like to work with our young people directly or not (DBS check will be required and provided by us) but is around £1000 plus travel and accommodation if required. However we are still fundraising for Macbeth so hope the fee we have could rise. We appreciate it is asking A LOT but hope to forge a long term relationship and hope to find someone who loves the way we do things – you won’t find anyone else making films in the same way we do!
We would like to hear from anyone who believes they can do the job, whatever levels of previous experience. We’re looking for someone who obviously has great organisational skills, with great location management (we’re working in Northampton within communities who aren’t used to Film and may be working with us on our community schemes), doesn’t mind getting on the phone to beg/borrow/steal within reason, and knows the score on low budget films but still doesn’t let their standards slip! We love what we do and are looking for someone with the same enthusiasm and drive as us.
Obviously someone local might be an advantage but we’re keen to hear from anyone who is interested. I am one of the 2 Producers and have a Line Producer/PM background so you certainly won’t be dropped in it!
If you’d like to talk about this further, you can email or call 07930 646721

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