Casting: feature film Macbeth

Screen Northants are shooting Daryl Chase’s Macbeth in Northampton over 5 weeks from January 2018 and there are still some roles open for casting (speaking and non-speaking).

To give you a flavour of our modern, urban Macbeth here’s the teaser:


Screen Northants is a social enterprise film company, where producing films is paired with developing talent and opportunities in Northamptonshire. Macbeth is funded by BBC Children in Need, Northamptonshire Community Foundation through the First for Wellbeing fund and Northampton Borough Council, and will see disadvantaged children, people from the Northants community and those looking to improve their wellbeing gain experience on a film set alongside a professional crew.

Think of us a bit like a teaching hospital: we do our job, and no one should see the difference in the finished product, but we make sure our work has a lasting impact on both improving the diversity and quality of our industry, and the lives of young people and those in Northamptonshire.

Director Daryl Chase (Burberry, The Thinker) is joined Director of Photography Emily Almond Barr (Home Work, Climate of Fear, BBC’s Displaced B Camera), 1st Assistant Director Mark Guthrie (Red, Coffee, This is Axiom, James Acaster: Short Christmas Special), Costume Designer Bronya Arciszewska (Recon-1, Jellyfish, The Arrival) and Producers Becky Adams and Paul Mills (The Boy With A Camera for a Face, Reverberations for the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust, The Perfect Burger).

Our Macbeth is set in a dystopian estate on the fringes of society, under the rule of Duncan where Macbeth has lived through countless feuds, protecting his own ‘castle’ against attack for as long as he would like to remember. During his return journey from one such battle, a malevolent force entices him with the promise of a future as ‘king’, replacing Duncan. Escaping his current life would be the first choice but this opportunity is one he cannot ignore, offering the chance to prove his worth to the love of his life, Lady Macbeth.

Far from being a youth/gang cliché film, this is a deeper, darker tale of politics, desire, ambition, corruption, ego and obsession. As the world closes physically and mentally around Macbeth the sense of real and surreal hangs dangerously in the balance.

Maintaining the original Shakespeare text but burying it deep in a real and modern world, the film will take the same ethos visually. Offering beautifully drab surroundings that twist reality just enough to pose questions of what is known and unknown, Macbeth succumbs to the mental fatigue of his actions, accepting his eventual fate at the hands forged by a force greater than himself.

We will be filming in Northampton (1hr north of M25, 1hr south of Birmingham) from Jan 8th for 5 weeks. This is a no-budget feature but with a non-profit status that can go a long way. We can offer expenses and accommodation if required. It’s a very special, ambitious script and we’re really excited about Daryl’s vision for it. Plus we get to do something good for the world while we film! The film is intended for film festivals then a cinematic release.

Applications to be sent to


  • Lennox – speaking role. A thane under Duncan who on Duncan’s death joins Macbeth’s army but soon becomes convinced of Macbeth’s guilt, 16-25yrs.
  • First Murderer – small speaking role, a fierce mercenary. Must be physically fit.
  • Norwegian Lord – non-speaking role but exciting battle scenes including facing Macbeth! 16-25yrs
  • Captain – a small but pivotal speaking role recounting Macbeth’s victory in the first battle of the piece. Only a few days commitment. 16-25yrs
  • Café Owner – required for 1 day. 35-45yrs Large, stout, hardy male or female
  • Siward – small speaking role but features heavily in the film. 16-25yrs.
  • Macbeth’s army – fierce looking males and females, ready for battle, physically fit. 14-30yrs
  • Lady Macduff – small speaking role who dies in a very dramatic way! 16-25yrs female
  • Macduff’s son – 7-10yrs male – the character has a black father so looking for black or mixed race child. Involved in some very dramatic scenes. Non speaking.
  • Fleance – 6-8yrs male – very heavily featured but non-speaking. The character has a white father but we never meet his mother.
  • Angus – 16-25yrs the role is male but we would also consider females who look battle worthy.
  • Young Macbeth army – 14 – 25yrs baby faced, not quite ready for battle.
  • Macdonwald – non speaking role but takes part in the fierce opening battle. 16-25yrs
  • Duncan’s Bodyguards – ex-army mean and scary tall or well-built

We will either ask successful applicants to audition in person in the first instance or tape the following soliloquy. You are more than welcome to submit an audition tape with your initial application.

Two truths are told,

As happy prologues to the swelling act

Of the imperial theme.

This supernatural soliciting

Cannot be ill; cannot be good. If ill,

Why hath it given me earnest of success,

Commencing in a truth? I am thane of Cawdor.

If good, why do I yield to that suggestion

Whose horrid image doth unfix my hair,

And make my seated heart knock at my ribs,

Against the use of nature? Present fears

Are less than horrible imaginings.

My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical,

Shakes so my single state of man

That function is smother’d in surmise,

And nothing is, but what is not.

If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me,

Without my stir.

Come what come may,

Time, and the hour, runs through the roughest day.


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