Apply to be part of our next feature film

Do you want to experience being on a film set?
If you are a Northants young person 14-18yrs and can tick one of our criteria below
you can work with our professional cast and crew
on our second feature film shooting in Northamptonshire this summer.


Through a series of free workshops you  can gain experience in the Pre-Production, Production and  Post Production of a feature film.All abilities are welcome, although passion and commitment are essential. This is an ongoing process and for those who wish to progress, there will be many more opportunities. If you do not fit the criteria below but can demonstrate passion and commitment and are a Northants resident, you can also apply – so if you are interested in learning more about Film or volunteering, please get in touch. To apply, please answer the questions below. If you want assistance or would prefer to talk face to face, that is fine – it is not a test! Just get in touch.

Email or text 07828 242806 or visit us at our shop in the
Grosvenor Centre (roughly opposite Deichmann Shoes – please check we’re open before
traveling or bring a letter to put through our shutter).

This information will be treated confidentially. It’s only shared with staff on the project and, when we complete our reports, with our funders but names won’t be used.

Name of applicant:


School/College if applicable:


Email address (of guardian if under 18yrs – you may also put your email address if under 18yrs):

Phone number (of guardian if under 18yrs):

Please tell us if any of these apply to you (or if you might be close to any of them or feel another factor in your life is relevant):

• at risk of being excluded from school or already excluded from mainstream education
• have been involved with the Police or Criminal Justice System even if not formally
• Looked-After Children (e.g. foster care) or in Troubled Families or struggling households
• with Special Educational Needs or Learning Difficulty/Disabilities
• Receive Pupil Premium, live in poverty or in Deprived areas affecting your life chances (your postcode might qualify you so please get in touch even if you aren’t sure)

We would expect you/your child to be able to attend one 3-hour workshop per week after school  from 1st week of June, through to the 3rd week of July at our shop in the Grosvenor Centre, Northampton. It doesn’t have to be the same day each week. These workshops will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm-8pm.

In addition you/your child would need to commit to one week of production. Filming s tarts on 23rd July for 4 weeks. Its Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (although those hours may change depending on scenes being shot). It is a total commitment of 60 hours. All activities are free.

Tell us about why you would like to take part in this experience? (Are you interested in working in the Film industry? Have you had any experience of film before?)



Can you also tell us a bit about yourself/your child, the good things about your life and the things you feel less good about? (You might be part of some community or religious groups, or have particular skills in an area, or be really passionate about a certain subject. Less positive might be thatyou find it hard to travel outside your immediate area, struggle talking to new people or don’t get enough opportunities to share your knowledge.)



If you would NOT be able to afford to get to Northampton to take part, please let us know as we may be able to cover transport costs.


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