NFF is postponed but when a door closes, another one opens, so keep reading…

With all the postponement notices flying around at the moment we didn’t want to be left out so “Northampton Film Festival 2020: Kind of a Big Deal” is being postponed until further notice to, of course, make sure everyone stays as happy and healthy as possible in this current situation. We join the likes of SXSW and the infamous Cannes, with which our previous festival dates clashed, in postponing our festival for the time being.

NFF 2020: Kind of a Big Deal is about making a big splash in Northampton with our own version of Cannes’ glorious French Riviera – #leNeneRiverArea – so until we can all put on our ball gowns and throw our own yacht/narrowboat parties together, we’ll be putting the festival itself on hold.

But the good news is we’re extending the Short Film Competition deadline so you can keep entering your short films under 30 mins, with a Northants connection of some kind, for free. We are extending the deadline to 5pm on Friday 1st May. Submit via here still

If you’ve already submitted a film and want a bit more time to edit, you are welcome. Just send us the updated film link via email before the deadline.

We are also postponing our Schools Competition until it’s appropriate to be working in schools again. If you have already made your film you can enter it into our main competition via the website

And amidst all these postponements, we’re launching a new free film competition – “Kind of a Big Deal In My Living Room”

Win £300 while in lockdown! Anyone with some form of computer or camera, and the internet, can enter the competition at home while in isolation. It’s for anyone, any age, as long as you have a connection to Northamptonshire (see below).

Make a film – any genre, any format as long as it can be uploaded to the internet WITHOUT breaking any lockdown rules. We’d recommend keeping it under 10 minutes but hey, if you want to embark on a feature, you go for it! Deadline for this is also 5pm on Friday 1st May.

To enter all films should be uploaded to the internet where they can be watched by the beautiful public and our judges (special ones for this competition to be announced) and send the url sent to before the deadline. You could use YouTube, Vimeo or another similar service but it cannot be password protected.

Could be an animation, a documentary, a drama, crime thriller, comedy sketch, an art/experimental film, anything.

It should be shot just in your house, just with the people and stuff already in your house (assuming they aren’t showing any signs of illness and need to isolated within the household). You can involve people in other households as long as the majority is made by someone with a Northants connection, and as long as you don’t physically meet up with anyone else – so sending files, music or whatever via the internet is fine. But equally you can make it entirely on your own if you want.

You don’t have to involve people as actors, you could use puppets, you might use a voice over, it might be a silent film only involving inanimate objects…. You could shoot it on a camera, a smartphone or even a desktop webcam and be really inventive. If you don’t have a camera, why not make an animation or use photos you already have or free stock footage? There are some very simple free ways to edit your film – and if you can’t edit, why not shoot your film all in one shot? Very impressive…

There’s no particular theme but if you want one to get you started how about “Misfits and Mavericks”? Proper Northampton….

And we are here if you want advice – please email or contact Screen Northants via social media. If you want help finding other people to work with remotely in their own homes, we are also happy to put out some shout outs for you. This will replace our April 48hr Film Challenge.


1 You must observe all Government lockdown rules – no one should risk the health of themselves or others to take part.

2 You have to have a connection to Northamptonshire – in lockdown here, work here normally, go to school here, born here, student or graduate here, lived there for the majority of your life. Feel free to get in touch if you have others you think we should consider or you aren’t sure if you qualify.

3 It needs to be a film you haven’t already started making – we’ll trust you, you seem like a trustworthy lot.

4 Please add “Northampton Film Festival entry” after your film’s title when you upload it and it would be great if you could mention this competition in any accompanying blurb. Please also feel free to @screennorthants with hashtags #NorthamptonFF and #KindOfABigDeal

5 You have to upload your film to the internet for the world to see and send us the link before the deadline.

6 Please upload your film making clear what audience it is appropriate for with any appropriate notices about content, and nothing obscene thanks – life is hard enough at the moment!

7 Judges’ decision is final – that’s why they are the judges…

8 Prize money will be paid by cheque and if you are under 18yrs, it may need to be paid to someone you nominate who is over 18yrs.

9 Make sure you have permission from everyone involved and the right to use any content you have included such as images and music. Remember, these films are going on the internet so if you aren’t happy with your face and or images of your home being put on the internet, don’t include them in your film – you might not want people to be able to identify where you live, for example. We’re happy to talk this through with you if you have any concerns. Of course it’s your film so you can take it down at any time but it has to be up there while judging takes place for it to be eligible.

Stay safe lovely people, stay in lockdown in support of the key workers who can’t and get making your films!

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