Winners announced for Northampton Film Festival 2021

We are very excited to present the winners and runners up for Northampton Film Festival 2021: Kind of a Big Deal. Huge thanks to our supporters, sponsors and partners: Midlands Films Hub, Grosvenor Centre Northampton, Northampton Borough Council, Nenescape and Northampton Filmhouse.

And massive thanks to Panavision for sponsoring our clapper board trophies and goodie bags

48hr Film Challenge Winner of Winners

For the 48hr Film Challenge the overall Winner of Winners was picked by guest judge Colin Goudie, Editor of The Show, Monsters and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

And that was Laurence Maybury with A Day that doesn’t count. You can watch it plus all the entrants for free here until 2nd June 2021.

Colin said:

“The title of a film is often the case for massive discussion in the movie making world. 

Does it represent the film? Iron Man

Does it grab the audience’s attention? JAWS

Can it fit on a poster? Goldfinger

Will the title stick? Ghostbusters

Of course, usually the name is picked AFTER the film is completed and often changes during the edit – the movie “3000” became “Pretty Woman”.

In the wonderful world of 48hr film competitions, the title is picked first and the creativity of the film makers entering is therefore not just judged on their technical prowess and artistry behind the camera but also their ability to stand out from the pack. The interpretation that was brought to bear on the theme of “What would you do with a day that doesn’t count?” is a classic example of how to think right outside the box. Coupled with the technical pastiche of a 1970’s trash trailer only adds to the delight that is encapsulated in its 1m26secs running time.”

Short Film Competition

For our main short film competition judged by Actor Julie Hesmondhalgh, Comedian Hugh Dennis and Actor Colin Salmon, the results were as follows:

Special mention for DJ Dougal’s Dad filmed entirely in Northants, directed by Thomas Line who grew up in Northants.

Julie Hesmondhalgh gave this film 10/10: “Made with such love.  My favourite film of them all.  For me it ticked so many boxes:  love of subject, beautiful shots, local interest (I love that it was of and about Northampton). Garry is a wonderful subject (“You’ve got to know the moves for the hardcore”).  Life, art, nature, music, ageing, mortality, legacy:  all here in spades in this perfect little study of a lovely man.”

3rd place runner up went to Offside from Towcester Writer/Producer Ellie Gocher. This film was also entirely filmed in Northants.

Colin Salmon said “Sydney is fantastic in the lead and the pace is perfect. Especially loved the scene on the bus. A difficult subject well handled by writer Ellie Gocher.”

2nd place runner up went to The Dinner Party from Actor/Producer Olivia Foan who grew up in Northampton and this is another one filmed in Northamptonshire.

Colin said “Wow this was a very special piece and the time distortion took me by surprise. Gorgeous to look at and sumptuous design and performances were very strong. The haunting look out of the window between Adelaide and Sandra was powerfully knowing. Every department showed up and gave full account of themselves. Good work.”

But the winner was Mark’d – Writer/Director Danny Gibbons who was born in Kettering and lived in Corby for most of his life.

Julie: !This is a very powerful and effective short film about the scars of emotionally abusive relationships, told with simplicity and imaination.  Extremely affecting and I’m sure will be used as a resource for organisations working in this field.  Special mention to Gina Parr, the make up designer on the film. Fantastic.”

Colin: “Powerful message, beautifully shot and designed and also acted by Sophie Jones and Ric Renton. Strong direction by Danny Gibbons.”

Schools Competition

Then finally we have our Schools Competition where you can see all the entries here for free until 2nd June.

The runner up is from Oscar Myles with his animation Work Warfare and the winner is Charlie Woodward with the ambitious Trapped. Oscar will receive one of our runner up clapper board trophies with Charlie bagging himself a trophy and £300 worth of camera equipment vouchers.

If you do watch any of our films it would be great if you could complete this survey afterwards:

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